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Booking Your Baby’s Baptism

“A Celebration of Life and a Statement of Hope”

A mother goes through great pains to give birth to a baby. Jesus tells us through the Scriptures that the baby isn't just your child though. Your baby is also God's child and he went through enormous pains – even to dying on the cross for us – to show us how much He loves every child of His.

Sometimes people imagine that we have to be baptised to show our belief in God. Baptism is far more than that. It also shows God's belief in us.

When your child emerges from the water of baptism it is like he/she has been reborn again. This time, however, it isn't with the life you have given but it is with the life – the Spirit – of Jesus. (extracted from "Your Baby's Baptism" A Redemptorist Pastoral Publication. Page 3)

Baptism then establishes a relationship that welcomes us into the community that ideally is a place of compassion, truth and love. Even though, later on, we may cease to be an active member of that community our unique relationship celebrated in baptism can never be taken away from us. The Christian Catholic Community will always be a place of welcome and support should you or your child desire it.

Baptism is a ritualised way of expressing our prayers and our hopes for this child. That he/she would grow up surrounded by truth, integrity and compassion knowing God's love not only as a member of your family but surrounded by a loving faith comunity.

In bringing a child for Baptism you are saying that you want them to grow as members of this community, that you will support the values of faith and help to make them possible in the life of your child and of yourselves.

In this Parish the baptism ceremony is celebrated in two parts. Firstly your baby is 'named' at one of our Parish Masses which includes not only the giving the name for bub but also the first anointing with the oil of the Catechumen. This usually happens the weekend before your baby is actually brought to the Church for baptism. The second part happens usually sometime during the following Sunday either at a time organised with the Parish or during one of the Sunday Masses. Mostly we are able to be flexible and to accommodate a wide variety of demands on your time.

Please complete the form below and return to the Parish via either email or Australia Post. We will then be in touch with you.


(Normally only one or two Godparents are chosen but more may be selected, it is your choice. At least one, however, must be a Confirmed Catholic. Any difficulties with either the number of Godparents or the religious background please let the Priest know: a conversation can usually resolve any concern that you have. We can supply a candle but if you want one personalised you need to organise this yourselves: Credo Books or the web.)

(Baptisms occur during Mass at the Saturday Vigil St. James Cygnet, Sunday 9.30am St. Mary of the Cross Ranelagh or at a Service in any of our Parish Churches. Other times by discussion or arrangement if the pastoral circumstance requires but not usually Saturday however. Times are subject to availability of the Priest to be in the place chosen )


Each baby or child to be baptised is welcomed the weekend before at one of our Masses—the baby must be present, Godparents are welcome if available. For this parish it is an important part of the journey.

(Must be negotiated with both the nominated Church and the Priest you have chosen if outside the Parish Mother Church—this Parish has four Mass centres and Baptisms can be arranged at any one of them.)

(You are welcome to bring your own Catholic Priest especially if you have a family friend or a relationship with a Priest from another Parish. However please discuss this with him first to ensure that he is available on the day and time you would like then of course make sure the Church is also available.)
FROM ANOTHER PARISH: it is courtesy to notify your home Parish of your intention to have you your baby baptised in this Parish.

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