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Previous Parish Priests


1855: Fr J. Murphy (Incl Cygnet)

1898: Fr P. Hennessy

1905: Fr J. Gilmartin

1921: Fr J. Ryan

1933: Fr Fitzpatrick

1937: Fr L.P. Sherry

1948: Fr M. O'Loughlin

1953: Fr B. Rogers

1956: Fr L.J. Huxtable

1958: Fr K.Manning

1959: Fr A.J. Benneworth

1961: Fr P.J. Hansen

1969: Fr M.J. Kearns

1971: Fr. P.J. McAnany

1979: Fr L. Floyd

1982: Fr T.J. Garvey

1982: Fr A. Fletcher

1988: Fr A.J. Shelverton

1990: Fr. G.M. Howard

2000: Fr P. Fraser OFM

In 2001, the Franklin and Cygnet Parishes merged to form the Catholic Parish of the Huon Valley


1863: Fr. J Holehan

1868: Fr J.J. McKernan

1868: Fr T. Kelsh

1872: Fr M.J. O'Regan

1879: Fr P.J. O'Reilly

1888: Fr J. Holehan

1894: Fr P.J. O'Flynn

1914: Fr L. McCarthy MSH

1927: Fr A. Cullen

1937: Fr J. Kerrisk

1939: Fr F. Kent

1940: Fr M.P.Gaffney

1961: Fr A.J. Benneworth

1964: Fr A. Mithen

1966: Fr A.J. Benneworth

1969: Fr T. Garvey

1976: Fr G. Howard

1988: Fr. G. Sheedy

1994: Fr J. Reilly

2001: Fr P. Nicholls

Catholic Parish of the
Huon Valley

2001: Fr P. Nicholls

2007: Fr M. Hickey

2009: Fr M. Freeman

2010: Fr G.C. Barker

2015: Fr M. Tate

2017: Fr D. Dusi (Parish Administrator)

2020 Fr W. Edwards

Assistant Priests:

1893: Fr C. McCarthy (Visited 1893) 1911: Fr J.J. Barry (Franklin)

1912: Fr J. Ryan (Franklin)

1917: Fr A. Shinnick (Franklin)

1920: Fr J. Cullen (Franklin)

1921: Fr W.A. Fitzpatrick (Franklin)

1925: Fr N. McNally (Cygnet)

1927: Fr P. Adlum (Franklin)

1940: Fr P. Murphy (Cygnet)

1944: Fr J. Halpin (Cygnet)

1947: Fr B. Wallis (Cygnet)

1962: Fr G. Kelly (Cygnet)

1872: Fr M. O'Callaghan (Cygnet)

1950: Fr. B.C. Rogers (Cygnet)

1944: Fr M. Flynn (Cygnet)

1952: Fr. T. McDonell (Cygnet)

1955: Fr G. Sheedy(Cygnet)

1958: Fr R. Wells (Cygnet)

1959: Fr K. Manning (Cygnet)

1960: Fr L. Floyd (Cygnet)

1967: Fr J. Purcell

1972: Fr P. McCormack (Cygnet)


St. Mary of the Cross Catholic Church, Ranelagh

ranelagh 23

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Parish Priest: Fr Warren Edwards
PO Box 62, Cygnet 7112
25 Mary St, Cygnet 7112
Presbytery Ph: (03) 6295 1239

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